Return Policy

In the case that customer wishes to make a return of a product ,he/she can occur within 14 days from the day that has received it.

The return of product has to be sent to the address of the Incrocio shop ,Kanari 8 & Merlin ,Kolonaki - Athens ,zip:10671). The returns of products are acceptable only in the case that are not used , have not made any deterioration (damage ,washing ,fission or certain other modification of type) or not missing the relevant tag stating the details of the product and contains the separate barcode. Return of swimwears are acceptable only if have used over clothes. In opposite case and for health reasons, they will not be acceptable.

If a return is acceptable ,the customer has the right to get a full refund, buy another product from our e-shop or to credit the amount of product returned to his account and use it in a future purchase. In the case where the new purchase exceeds the amount of product returned ,the customer is debited the new difference.

The debit of return and the new shipment does not charge Incrocio.

The same conditions are for the case where the customer wishes to change the product with another size.

When a product is defective upon delivery, the customer has the possibility of returning it and covering the charges back from Incrocio. If the customer does not want to make another purchase replacing the previous one ,he/she can ask to take his/her money back. Basic condition in order to considered the product defective is to not have been used. If there is a disagreement between the customer and Incrocio ,the product is sent to the manufacturer in order to take the final decision.

All products are checked by Incrocio ,before the shipment.

The returns of products occur with the current price of each type.